A Fun Pre-Wedding in the Making

We love producing pre-wedding films. It gives us a great chance to get to know our couples and their love story better and it also allows some great acting talent to emerge.

Our most recent pre-wedding film shoot was with Son and Phuong. From the get go, Son was keen to keep the film light hearted and funny. And here’s some behind the scene photos that Michelle took during the shoot that we’d like to share. Hopefully it doesn’t reveal too much!

Wedding Video Sydney | Pre Wedding Film review | Bernard Lau Films

We filmed a hilarious scene with Son and his mate Tran that we had to review straight away with Phuong.

For a later scene, Son came up with some props that looked quite convincing!

Wedding Video Sydney | Funny Prewedding Film | Bernard Lau Films

We treat a pre-wedding film just like any short film shoot, starting with a treatment, script and then storyboard. I’m no Da Vinci, but at least I’m not drawing stick figures.

Wedding Video Sydney | Storyboarding | Bernard Lau Films

Michelle and I had a fantastic time filming Phuong and Son’s story and we can’t wait to get it in the edit room and premiere it in a few months time at their Wedding!

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Claudia & Minh Same Day Edit SDE + Pre Wedding Trailer {One thing left to do}

Filming Claudia and Minh’s Pre Wedding love story and their Same Day Edit SDE wedding video was such a blast. It was also our first time working with a child on a pre wedding shoot which meant plenty of improvising on the day of the shoot and having to keep baby Tyrese happy all day long. Working with Tyrese, reminded us of how important our work is. To think that little Tyrese will be watching his mommy and daddy’s love story and wedding video 10 years from now, make our hearts melt and bring little tears to our eyes. We have to capture this family’s love for one another on to the big screen!

When we met them for the first time, both Claudia and Minh were excited to have us as their Wedding cinematographers and couldn’t wait to have us film their pre wedding love story. After telling us that they met almost five years ago in a club, we jumped at the chance to film at such a unique meeting spot. Lucky for us, Minh’s best man runs one of the hottest night club event in Sydney, Bamboo. So we had unprecedented access to film in the club. The shoot had to be quick though, as it was pretty late and Minh had to get home to look after Tyrese, however, Claudia had the night off to party with her bridesmaids.

Originally we wanted to film Minh buying nappies at a convenient store to transition their first meeting to them starting a family together. But we replaced this scene with him changing Tyrese’s nappies with Claudia helping him out. This scene shows a much more intimate part of their family.

The park scene wasn’t one hundred percent smooth though as Tyrese was getting quite tired from a long day and he wanted to stick with his mummy most of the time. In the end, we were able to get him to act with his favourite treat, chuppa chops.

On the day of their wedding, Michelle filmed Claudia and her bridesmaids whereas I filmed Minh and his boys getting ready at his parent’s place. Minh kept cracking jokes all day and was always ready for the camera, making sure I got the shot I wanted or he’ll redo actions again.

Just like at the pre wedding film shoot, Tyrese stuck to Claudia throughout the day, especially in the morning during Claudia’s make up and hair preparations. But by the middle of the day, he was running around and looking super spiffy in his baby tux.

Michelle and I had edited their Same Day Edit SDE Video at Rhodes Phoenix during the reception and premiered it to a crowd of over 300 guests. We love producing Same Day Edit SDE videos and experiencing the audiences’ reactions on the spot. Although we would admit, we do get film premiere jitters all the time!

By the end, Claudia couldn’t stop laughing and her bridesmaids cheered throughout the wedding video. It was awesome to be able to include their group dance in the film as well as Tyrese’s swag reception grand entrance in his mini convertible Mercedes <3

So here we present to you, Claudia and Minh’s Same Day Edit SDE + Pre Wedding Video, “One thing left to do”.

 Wedding Video Sydney - Claudia & Minh - Smiling Groom

Wedding Video Sydney - Claudia & Minh - Smiling

Wedding Video Sydney - Claudia & Minh - Baby

Wedding Video Sydney - Claudia & Minh - Family Park

Wedding Video Sydney - Claudia & Minh - Lemon Games

Wedding Video Sydney - Claudia & Minh - Laughing Bridesmaids

Wedding Video Sydney - Claudia & Minh - Smiling Bride

Wedding Video Sydney - Claudia & Minh - Bride Eyes

Wedding Video Sydney - Claudia & Minh - Romance

Wedding Video Sydney - Claudia & Minh - Dancing Bride

Wedding Video Sydney - Claudia & Minh - Page boy car

Wedding Video Sydney - Claudia & Minh - Wedding Rings

Until next time,
Bernard and Michelle

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Super Fun Wedding Ingredients:
Wedding Videography – Bernard Lau Films
Photography – Top 10 Studio
Reception – Phoenix Chinese Restaurant, Rhodes
Soundtrack – Without You by David Guetta feat. User and Fallin’ For You by Colbie Caillat

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Natalie & Simon’s Pre Wedding Love Story Film {Surprise for Simon}

We love dogs, when I was young, our family had a dog but unfortunately, someone left the gates open and he ran away… in just 5 days with our family! But Michelle didn’t have to go through this sort of heart break, her dogs, a Golden Retriever and Dalmatian are still happily running around the yard at her parent’s place.

So when we had a chance to work with man’s best friend once more for Natalie and Simon’s pre wedding film, we were ecstatic.

When we arrived at Natalie and Simon’s home, we were immediately greeted by a very enthused Buster! Running towards us with tail wagging non stop, he even jumped onto me and licked Michelle. Which didn’t turn out well as Michelle started to have an allergic reaction to Buster.

But with all this excitement, Michelle and I had to start cracking with the film shoot as this pre wedding film was actually part of a bigger surprise for Simon. This was how it was going to be, we would film Natalie getting a surprise ready for Simon later in the day, all her preparations to having Buster bring a present to Simon.

When we finished Natalie’s part of the film, we only had a few moments to reset our equipment and pretend that we just arrived to film Simon. In Simon’s mind, we were just there to interview him for Natalie’s hen’s night video.

Simon was asked a series of questions which did get played at Natalie’s hen’s night, but was also shown at their Wedding reception. When all the questions were asked and Simon was ready to take his mic off, out comes Buster with his present.

All this time, we had our cameras rolling. Simon had no clue what it was for and when it came to showing the film on the night, Natalie got to surprise Simon once more.

So here we present to you, Natalie and Simon’s Pre Wedding film entitled “Surprise for Simon”.

Wedding Video Sydney - Buster Dog
Wedding Video Sydney - Dog Training for Dummies
Wedding Video Sydney - Dog with glasses
Wedding Video Sydney - Patting dog
Wedding Video Sydney - I love you sign
Wedding Video Sydney - Buster and Simon
Until next time,
Bernard and Michelle

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Romantic Pre-Wedding Film Materials:
Wedding Video by: Bernard Lau Films?
Starring: Natalie, Simon & Buster
Soundtrack: Better Together by Jack Johnson

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Venesa & Greg Same Day Edit SDE Wedding Trailer {Will you marry me?}

This would be the most challenging Same Day Edit SDE Wedding Trailer that we had to produce so far. With only four hours to film and 1.5 hours to edit, Michelle and I were in pressure mode the entire time. If you’ve ever watched shows like Master Chef or Hell’s Kitchen, you’ll understand what we mean when you have to produce something good under a strict time limit.

The morning started off with me dropping Michelle at Venesa’s home where the bridal preparations were held. By the time she was there, Venesa was in full make up and dress already and taking photos with her family. Michelle asked Venesa aside with her bridesmaids to ask them to fix each other up a bit.

I arrived at the Stamford Hotel where Greg was with his boys in a premium suite. The rain started to arrive so I didn’t have a chance to film more location setting shots from the outside. The boys got ready in quick fashion while watching the Saturday sports recaps on tv.

The ceremony was held at All Saint’s church in Hunter’s Hill, a beautiful intimate church that tested our camera’s low light abilities. During the ceremony, I transfered the preparation files from Michelle and my cards so that we’re ready to edit later in the day.

The location shoot was meant to be at some nice harbour view locations near the church but with the fear of rain, Rose the photographer decided that we should go to the Stamford. We were able to utilise the lovely water garden with a small bridge and also the back area that had vivid blue window shades as backdrops.

We had ideas of having Luka, Venesa and Greg’s one year old son as part of the location shoot but as he’s been sick for the past couple of days he had to go home and rest right after the ceremony.

As Michelle and I arrived at the reception in the North Ryde Golf Club, I was straight away finding my spot to edit. It took me about 1 hour to edit a rough cut with the day’s footage and Michelle spent another 30 minutes to go through and add scenes that she filmed which I missed in the quick scrub.

We really wanted to include some reception shots in the Same Day Edit SDE film, especially the grand entrance with an Australian and Croatian flag ceremony as well as Venesa and Greg’s bridal dance, but time was just not on our side.

We’re very happy with how the film turned out in the evening right after some great speeches and Greg asking Venesa to marry him again.

Without much ado, please enjoy Venesa and Greg’s Same Day Edit SDE film entitled “Will you Marry Me?”.

Wedding Video Sydney - Bridal Veil

Wedding Video Sydney - Wedding Ring Bands

Wedding Video Sydney - Bridal HeadpieceWedding Video Sydney - Paige Boy and GrandfatherWedding Video Sydney - Wedding Dress ButtonWedding Video Sydney - Brides and bridesmaidsWedding Video Sydney - Paige BoyWedding Video Sydney - Bride with Paige Boy Flower Girl

Wedding Video Sydney - Bride and SisterWedding Video Sydney - All Saints ChurchWedding Video Sydney - Groom at AltarWedding Video Sydney - Wedding CeremonyWedding Video Sydney - Beautiful BrideWedding Video Sydney - Bride and Groom on bridge
Until next time,
Bernard & Michelle
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Adorable Wedding Ingredients:

Wedding Video: Bernard Lau Films
Photography: Rose from Fresh Images
Church Ceremony: All Saint’s Hunters Hill
Reception: North Ryde Golf Club
Soundtrack: Waiting for an Angel by Ben Harper

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Sevil and Hus Wedding Engagement Video {He Loves It}

Michelle and I had a great time shooting our very first engagement party for Sevil and Hus. They’re also our first Turkish couple at BLF, so they’re extra special to us.

Since this was an engagement film, we didn’t have to start as early as we usually do for our Wedding couples but this didn’t mean we’d be lacking with special moments to film.

We got to Grand Paradiso in Fairfield early so that we could take some pre reception shots as well as to test our live feed, that’s right, live feeds aren’t just for concerts or presentations.

When we met with Sevil and Hus in 2011 to discuss their engagement party they asked us to provide them a live feed of their night so that all 600 plus family and guests would be able to see what’s going on, no matter where they sat on three large screens.

As you could tell from the film, the Turkish celebration is rich in tradition with a ring ceremony and Taki, the pinning of gifts. Sevil and Hus kept this tradition further by dancing the Harmandali Zeybek. I was told by a Turkish friend of mine today that these dances are unique to each region of Turkey and that not many couples dance this anymore.

We are so privileged to have witnessed such beautiful culture and to have made friends with such a lovely couple. We can’t wait to film their Wedding later this year, it’s going to go off!

We got a text message from Sevil and Hus while they were on a holiday to let us know of their excitement with the trailer before we even showed it to them officially. Turned out their trailer was accidentally leaked online by our auto twitter feed while we were still preparing it. Sevil even shared it on her Facebook before we did!

Without much ado, please enjoy Sevil & Hus’s epic Wedding engagement film entitled “He Loves It”.

Wedding Video Sydney Bernard Lau Films - PreparationsWedding Video Sydney Bernard Lau Films - Engagement Guest GiftWedding Video Sydney Bernard Lau Films - Harmandali ZeybekWedding Video Sydney Bernard Lau Films - Turkish Engagement DanceWedding Video Sydney Bernard Lau Films - Epic Engagement CakeWedding Video Sydney Bernard Lau Films - Bling Cake CuttingWedding Video Sydney Bernard Lau Films - Engagement SpeechWedding Video Sydney Bernard Lau Films - Turkish HarmandaliWedding Video Sydney Bernard Lau Films - Engagement KissWedding Video Sydney Bernard Lau Films - Engagement Ring
Until next time,
Bernard & Michelle

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Spectacular Engagement Party Ingredients:

Wedding Engagement Video: Bernard Lau Films
Photography: Will Spiers
Reception: Grand Paradiso
Musicians: Group Gelisim
Dancers: Sydney Turkish Folkdance Ensemble
Soundtrack: Art of Love by Guy Sebastian feat. Jordan Sparks

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